User Experience Designer


What I Do

From concept to completion, I offer a full array of online deign services with a focus on overall usability and and a user-centered design processes.


UX design and art direction from concept to completion or any stage in between


Usability Testing · Site Maps · Wireframing · Annotations · HTML Prototypes · Functional Specifications


HTML · CSS · Javascript · jQuery · Bootstrap · LESS · Django · Twig · Craft CMS


Full array of visual design services with a focus on clean, user-friendly web site layout and design.

Herb developed and ran the best interactive user experience team, bar none, I ever had the pleasure of working with. As our "champion of the user," Herb combined tremendous design talent, a passion for the science of user interface, and an even-handed interpersonal approach -- all of which made him an enormously valuable leader in a complex, often contentious corporate environment.

Jay Small -- President, Informed Interactive

A Bit About Me

I stumbled into the web game back in 1997 and have watched it grow from its wild-west origins into the indispensable tool it has become for today’s society. Back in ‘97, we were pretty much throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what would stick. It was fast-paced, instinct driven and revenue wasn’t really a concern, How much that has changed over the years. Now, it’s evolved into an tool for a busy, plugged-in society that expects instant answers, relevant results and ultimate efficiency.

I strive to learn as much as I can about a user-base, then put that knowledge to work to create the easiest, most efficient user experience possible. My goal is to understand the user’s motivations and expectations and to meet, or exceed those expectations with every mouse click, tap or page viewed. Whether I’m doing visual design, interaction design, front-end coding or just spit-balling ideas, this is always my focus and drives everything I do.

Herb's design and usability skills are second to none. I've worked with him since the bad old days in the mid-'90s when we were designing sites that would render well at 28.8 kbps. He possesses two skills that rank him head and shoulders above his peers: 1. His design skills are impeccable, and his emphasis always is on the user. He checks his ego at the door and does the right thing. 2. Herb is a teacher. He has infinite patience and does a great job of helping people rise to their potential. This has made him a great leader and mentor.

Bob Benz -- Visiting Professional at Ohio University Scripps School of Journalism